Dubai Remote Work Visa: Your Path to Working Remotely

The United Arab Emirates, being the hub of opportunities, has always been the center for tourism except that time in 2020 when the world faced pandemic. To eliminate these setbacks, the government entities of the UAE introduced the Dubai Remote Work Visa. This permits the talented pool from all around the globe to display their skills remotely.

If you are a digital enthusiast and prefer working sitting at your home comfortably, then this visa can help you achieve your working goals. The Royal Visa brought you the comprehensive guideline about this exciting chance. Take a view below and know everything you need about this initiative. Secure your future by living in the global sanctuary of growing business and establishment. 

Work Remotely, Globally: Benefits of the Remote Work Visa

Living in the UAE and keeping your working seamless comes with a number of benefits for both individuals and the state. This symbiotic relation enhances the economical system for the state while providing world-class facilities to the nomads.

Some of the foolproof advantages of the Dubai Remote Work Visa program are mentioned below:

  • Lifestyle: It gives the charm of living in a highly developed attractive destination and gets your manner of living transformed drastically. You can experience the best standards of living while you work online abroad. 


  • Income With No Tax:  There’s no tax imposed on the income of individuals. This way, you can get the ease of  receiving a full salary amount.


  • Speedy Internet Connection: This city ensures the outstanding internet connectivity, allowing the smooth running of wifi. This makes sure that your virtual working don;t get interrupted by the poor speed. 


  • Global networking opportunities: Dubai is a hub for international professionals, offering a chance to connect with people from around the world.


  • Family benefits: Residing in Dubai also provides family advantages including, housing allowances, children education sponsorship, financial assistance etc. Also, the safe and sound environment with almost zero crime rate creates secured space for the upbringing of your children. 

Contributing to the betterment of your overall living and livelihood, the UAE remote work visa is a suitable option for workaholics. 

Beyond the Beach: Working Remotely with a Visa

It’s time to discover the beauty of the world’s best infrastructure and cherish the seamless working conditions. As regulated by the legislature,  the government of the United Arab Emirates founded the ”Virtual Working Programme”. The duration of the validity of the visa is no more than a year. Anyone from the world can conveniently apply for this visa and continue working in the hassle-free  environment. This opens doors to the tourism, economical boost, and professional expertise relocated for the country.  However, you can always request for the extension of your visa after one year.


Additionally, Dubai is the most attractive city in the United States Of Emirates. Undoubtedly, this city is the treat to eyes with unparalleled man-made infrastructure that stays distinctive. While working virtually for the employers outside the UAE, you will get to enjoy the luxuries of this city. The pleasing weather,  excellent community and endless facilities, your entire year will remain memorable for the rest of your life. 

Can anyone apply to get this visa?

Any entrepreneur or digital employee can make use of this visa in order to continue thriving in their goals. This is designed to assist the people with virtual jobs and owns startups. However, before applying, one must fulfill the requirements of the documents first.  

Can you live in UAE with a remote work visa

Of course! The Dubai Remote Work Visa, also known as the Virtual Work Residence Visa. It is established specifically to welcome digital nomads from outer countries and enable them to live. So they spend their yearly stay with ease as well as working remotely for the companies outside the state. 

Remote work visa available in the UAE

Addition of this program to the national law made things easier for the people who wish to stay employed to the companies based in other countries. Now you do not have to run after a business license or employment contract. Thanks to the remote work visa, it became feasible to work remotely with utter convenience while serving the same employer you are associated with.

During your one-year stay, you can have access to the majority of public services and resources just like the other regular citizens. These facilities may include applying for a bank loan or financial assistance, renting a house, owning bank accounts, and admitting your children in regular schools. All of this can be done upon receiving a resident ID once you become the successful applicant for the Dubai digital nomad visa.


Which documents are necessary for the visa?

Although, there is no nationality prohibition to apply for this visa programme but  there are few documents that every applicant must contain. 

Passport –  the valid passport for up to 6 months of validity proof.

Employment Proof –  the authentic testament that confirms your employment outside the country. Incase of business ownership, at least one year of confirmation is required.


Health Insurance – the document declaring the health insurance coverage within the premises of the country. 


Financial Position – if you are employed, pay slip of last month is requested that states complete income breakdown.


Bank Statement – Three preceding bank statements are needed from both employee and business owners.


What is the eligibility of the Dubai remote work visa?

One must meet the criteria of eligibility and dubai remote work visa requirements. Along with the documents mentioned above, you must have a least defined monetary figure to be received every month. Whether you are working under a firm or have your business to run, in both cases, you must possess the minimum monthly income of USD 3,500 or upto 12,000 AED.

The remote work visa cost

To continue with the procedure, you have to pay the required remote work visa dubai cost. The following breakdown of charges is observed that you have to submit along with the complete set of documents. Pay the price as following division:


Overall Cost: this includes the sum of Remote Work Visa government services such as application, processing, medical costs and Emirates ID. For this, you must pay AED 2300 (USD 611)

Renewal costs: AED 2300 (USD 611)


What are the common questions regarding the remote work visa?

The whole process of getting this work visa seems to be quite smooth. But we have list down a few frequently asked queries to help you clear your mind from doubts and get started with the procedure.


  • Can I work for a company in the UAE?

No, you cannot. To avail this Virtual Work Residence Visa, you must be employed or have a business of your own outside the United Arab Emirates. For instance, working remotely in dubai for uk company.


  • How long does it take to get the visa?

 The Dubai remote work visa processing time is usually around two weeks.


  • Do I need a local sponsor? 

No, you do not need a local UAE company sponsor for this virtual residency program as it is different from the other typical visas.


  • Can I apply if I am already a resident in Dubai?

No, you cannot apply if you hold or are in the process of getting the residency visa of UAE. This program is introduced for the people living abroad. 

How can a Royal Visa help you get a remote work visa?

Earning safely with the endless benefits of living in Dubai is now made easy with the Remote Work Visa. The expert workforce of Royal Visa is here to assist you in the entire process of acquiring this convenient visa. Whether it’s the set of documents or the cost rely on us for everything. 


Don’t miss this thrilling chance to work virtually and build a secure future not only for you but also your family in the highly developed United Arab Emirate. Reach out to us for any guidance or query!

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