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At Royal Visa, family is our priority, and we're dedicated to ensuring your UAE journey is exceptionally smooth. Enjoy living and working in this thriving country alongside your loved ones.

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    Reunite with Your Loved Ones

    We assist existing residents in bringing their families, and reuniting them in this cosmopolitan country.

    Unlocking Family Bonds in the UAE

    A Family Visa UAE allows residents to sponsor family members—spouses, parents, and children—to join them in the UAE. This visa serves as the cornerstone for family reunification, allowing loved ones to live together and access opportunities.

    Benefits of UAE Family Visa

    Family Reunion

    Reunite your loved ones in the vibrant UAE, creating cherished moments in a cosmopolitan environment where diverse cultures and opportunities abound.

    Secure Residency

    Ensure two years of stable UAE residency for your family, offering the peace of mind that comes with a secure and welcoming home with UAE family visa.

    Emirates ID Support

    Obtain essential Emirates IDs with ease, streamlining your family's integration into the UAE's infrastructure.

    Banking Convenience

    Simplify financial transactions for your family, enabling seamless money management in a dynamic economy by availing family visa UAE.

    Financial Guidance

    Navigate complex finances effortlessly with our expert support, ensuring your family's financial well-being.

    Employment Opportunities

    Open doors to UAE employment for your family, allowing them to explore career prospects in a thriving job market.

    Health Insurance Coverage

    Prioritize your family's well-being with comprehensive medical insurance coverage, providing peace of mind for their health through family visa UAE.

    Hassle-free Documentation

    Obtain essential salary certificates effortlessly, simplifying the visa application process and ensuring a smooth journey for your family.

    Types of UAE Family Visa

    The UAE offers diverse family visa UAE categories to meet various reunification needs:

    Spouse Visa

    Designed for existing UAE residents to bring their spouses to the country, providing a pathway to build a life together in this vibrant nation. Sponsorship for a spouse requires a minimum monthly salary of 4,500 AED.

    Parent Visa

    Allow existing residents to sponsor their parents in the UAE, ensuring family support and care in a nurturing environment. This visa necessitates a minimum monthly salary of 20,000 AED.

    Child Visa

    Empower residents to sponsor children in the UAE, offering world-class education and a secure environment for growth. Requires a minimum monthly salary of 4,500 AED, with sponsorship available for male children up to age 25 and for single female children from age 18.

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    What truly distinguishes us is our commitment to personalized service, tailoring solutions to your family's unique requirements.

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