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Golden Visa UAE - Your Key to Residency

The Golden Visa UAE offers a long-term residency option for talented individuals and investors seeking a foothold in the dynamic Emirates. This visa grants you the freedom to live, work, or study in the UAE, while enjoying exclusive benefits.

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    Your Golden Ticket to UAE Excellence

    Don't miss the chance to unlock a world of limitless growth through the Golden Visa in Dubai, UAE.


    Golden Visa UAE -Residency Gateway

    Inaugurated in 2019, the Dubai Golden Visa program invites global talents to the Emirates, offering an opportunity to live, work, and invest in this dynamic nation. It embraces a diverse array of individuals, from investors and entrepreneurs to researchers and high-achieving individuals, all contributing significantly to the UAE's growth.

    Embark on this golden journey with Royal Visa, charting a path to success in the UAE.

    Golden Visa Benefits

    The Golden Visa in UAE offers long-term residency to investors, entrepreneurs, and skilled professionals, unlocking access to numerous benefits and opportunities in the Emirates.

    Long-Term Residency

    Secure a 10-year renewable residency with golden visa in UAE, providing stability, comfort, and a sense of belonging as you build your life in the UAE.

    No Sponsor Required

    Gain independence with no need for a local sponsor or employer, granting you full control over your UAE journey.

    Extended Stays

    Maintain your residency even with extended periods outside the UAE with golden visa in UAE, offering flexibility for global travel or business commitments.

    Family Inclusion

    Sponsor your spouse and children of all ages for a 10-year Golden Visa UAE, ensuring family unity and shared opportunities.

    Domestic Employee Permits

    Apply for unlimited domestic employee visas, simplifying household management and support.

    Esaad Card Privileges

    Access exclusive privileges with the Esaad card, previously reserved for select government employees, enhancing your lifestyle.

    Education Opportunities

    Enroll your children in renowned UAE schools and universities, ensuring world-class education & bright future by availing of golden visa Dubai benefits.

    Business Ownership

    Achieve 100% business ownership, fostering entrepreneurship, investment, and financial prosperity in the UAE's thriving economy.

    Eligibility for Golden Visa Dubai

    To be eligible for a Golden Visa in Dubai, you can qualify based on:

    • Property ownership worth AED 2 million or more.
    • A two-year fixed deposit of AED 2 million in a local bank.
    • A minimum monthly salary of AED 30,000.
    • Holding key positions like Director or General Manager or any skilled designation.
    • Specialized talents in fields like culture or art.
    Eligibility for UAE Golden Visa

    Golden Visa Requirements

    Residing in the UAE? Whether you're an investor, property owner, individual with special talents, or a healthcare professional, Royal Visa is here to aid you in securing your Golden Visa UAE! If you plan to extend your stay, the Dubai Golden Visa is the ideal choice. Submit the required documents for the Golden Visa application:

    • Passport Copies.
    • Residency / Visit visa.
    • Proof of funds.
    • Investment documents.
    • Health insurance.
    • Police clearance certificate.
    • Application form.
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    We specialize in assisting diverse profiles, including investors, entrepreneurs, researchers, and specialized talents, to obtain their Golden Visas. Beyond paperwork, we connect you with the vibrant culture and opulent lifestyle of the UAE. Whether you seek stability as an investor, pursue ambitious ventures as an entrepreneur, push boundaries as a researcher, or make your creative mark, Royal Visa tailors its expertise to your journey.

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