Top Reasons to Invest in Real Estate in Dubai for Property Visa Holders

The UAE attracts investors and business owners from around the globe. As a result of its friendly legislation and tax reductions, foreigners can benefit from investments in the UAE. Although, to invest in Real Estate in Dubai might sound complex, we share with you tips and benefits of exploring the niche.

In this article we will be exploring why invest in real estate in Dubai. Additionally, we lay out answers to questions about visa requirements and advantages this decision brings to investors in the market.

Top Reasons to Invest

Why invest in real estate in Dubai? The reasons why a real estate investment and abundant. These reasons in addition to a legislation that welcomes foreigners investors makes an excellent spot to explore the niche.

As usual, researching, planning and adapting are key components for a good investment. We share with you some of the benefits that real estate investors hold once they Invest in Real Estate in Dubai:

  • Dubai enjoys a geographical position that benefits commerce and tourism. Additionally, enjoys being one of the most attractive Emirates in the UAE for tourism and business filling it with a diverse range of potential clientele.
  • For foreign investors, the emirate offers opportunities to explore the real estate business with efficacy.
  • The UAE in general enjoys a growing economy beneficial for investors and business owners. In addition, the constant architectural development makes some of the best areas to invest in real estate in Dubai really attractive.
  • Dubai’s market offers a diverse range of property styles for investment. Consequently, it allows the investor to reach multiple markets and diverse areas.
  • Investing in Dubai’s economy offers the investor the option of application for visas that grants residency.

If this is a spot of interest, the investor might start wondering on the process of how to invest in real estate in Dubai. In summary, some factors to keep in mind are:

  • Services and Management Fees.
  • Short term vs long term rentals.
  • Whether to invest in off-plans units or ready to move units.
  • Keep an eye out for extra costs when investing.
  • Be especially critical on the conditions of the unit. Orienting to details will assure a good investment in the long run.

Visa and Residency Benefits

Dubai favors investors, and entrepreneurs when offering options to enter the Emirate as a foreigner. We explain some of the benefits on visa and residency that foreign investors receive when they Invest in Real Estate in Dubai.

  • Investors that invest in Real Estate in Dubai can apply to a 2 years investor visa if they invest on a ready to move property with a minimum value of AED 750.000 (USD 204,192.75).

According to Dubai’s Land Department the fees of said visa divides as follows:

  • The fee for the investor residency visa is of AED 9,912.50 (USD 2,698.75)
  • This visa allows the investor to sponsor family into the UAE.
  • AED 7,082.25 for wife and daughters over 18 (USD 1,928.19)
  • For sons over 18, for a staying of one year the fee is AED 6,701 (USD 1,824.39)
  • Children under 18 have fee of AED 6,382.25 (USD 1,737.61)
  • Lastly, husbands have a fee of AED 7,082.25 (USD 1928.19). In addition, for the length is of two years.

Additionally, the UAE also offers a golden visa for investors.

  • This visa last for 10 years and allows to sponsor parents, wife, and children.
  • For this visa the investor has to Invest in Real Estate in Dubai equal or more than 2 million AED (around USD 544,514.00).
  • Dubai’s Land Department state the following fees for this visa:
  • A total fee of AED 9,684.75 (USD 2,636.77) between medical examination, UAE ID, land department fee and others.
  • For family residency permit there’s an estimated fee of AED 5,668.50(USD 1,543.29) and AED 318.75 (USD 86.78).

Investment Advantages.

While wondering “is it good to invest in real estate in Dubai?”, there are multiple factors to consider. However, deciding to invest in real estate in Dubai does offer multiple advantages in the market.

Consequently, of the growing economy Dubai introduces to foreigners the real estate market brings investment advantages such as:

  • Tax advantages: one of the main attractions of The Emirates is their tax policies. Investing in Dubai, offers you no taxation in personal income in addition to capital gains tax, or property tax.
  • Business friendly Laws: Dubai and the UAE incentivize the growth and set up of business by taking actions with corporate friendly legislation. These, designed specifically for the benefits of business owners, investors and entrepreneurs.
  • Potential for future growing: The UAE real estate market keeps growing. The prices of properties have been on a steady rise due to the economic development of the Emirates. In addition, a sustainable development and innovation initiative in development adds a strengthening to the real estate business for future years.
  • Foreign ownership rights: Foreigners are allowed to purchase with full ownership diverse properties in designated areas. Therefore, creating a friendly environment for foreign investors to explore.
  • Rental stability: Despite global fluctuations and instability, Dubai real estate has shown a stable growth and a resilient base. This offers a secure and profitable offer for investors across the world.
  • Diverse investment opportunities: Dubai offers a big market for real estate investors. Investors can find the best areas to invest in real estate in Dubai with all kinds of different options that adapt to the goals and characteristics of the Investment plan.

Lifestyle Benefits

Dubai is known around the world as an attractive spot for foreign investors and business owners. When someone invests in Real Estate in Dubai, it brings multiple benefits for the investor.

Although investing in real state has multiple benefits for a profitability standpoint it also brings different lifestyle benefits for the investors:

  • When you Invest in Real Estate in Dubai it offers access to different types of visas and residency permits.
  • The investor holds full ownership over the real estate. Therefore, offering the option to use the real estate to live in, for recreation or as a rental for a passive income.
  • When rented, it offers a reduction or lack of taxes allowing the investor to enjoy the profits generated.
  • Dubai is ranked as one of the safest cities across the world. Consequently, offering safety for the investors lifestyle and security in the investment made inside the UAE.
  • The UAE real estate market offers a growth rate that brings with long-term benefits for the investor once they Invest in Real Estate in Dubai.


When wondering “Is it good to invest in real estate in Dubai?” Short answer, yes. Dubai offers to its investors in real estate a diverse market, a strategic position for tourism and business in addition to tax benefits and the profits generated.

When thinking on how to invest in real estate in Dubai it offers you a simple process with multiple benefits. Taking the decision to Invest in Real Estate in Dubai grants benefits such as tax advantages, long-term profitability, residency benefits and security and safety for the investor.

If you are interested in participating as an investor in Dubai’s economy, in Royal Visa we offer you a tailored service for the approval of the visa that better suits you. Invest in Real Estate in Dubai with peace of mind while we manage everything you need to enter The Emirates according to your goals and needs.

If you want to learn more about our service you can check out our About Us section. Do you want to keep reading about opportunities in Dubai? Check our Blog!

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