UAE Business Visa: Types, Requirements & Cost

UAE Business Visa Types Requirements and Cost

The UAE is widely known for being a great destination for doing business. In this regard, investors must apply for a UAE Business Visa so they can operate a company and enjoy an opulent living in Dubai

In this article, you are going to learn more about the business visa and its benefits, costs, and requirements. Moreover, you will know the steps on how to get UAE business visa easily. 

UAE Business Visa Benefits

With your UAE business visa, you can obtain the following benefits:

  • Access to a thriving economy where you can research amazing business opportunities
  • Business-friendly tax policies
  • Opportunity to run a business in a supportive ecosystem
  • Possibility for business networking with like-minded investors
  • Global connectivity with other markets, given that Dubai is a commercial hub
  • Strategic location for your business in a promising city
  • Options to get a long-term residency for enhancing your business presence and thus boosting its growth.

Requirements for UAE Business Visa 

If you want to apply for a UAE business visa, you should meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Being 18 years old and above.
  • Have a passport with at least a 6-month validity from the moment you enter the UAE
  • Submit financial proof such as bank statements or a sponsor’s letter to demonstrate that you are capable of supporting your stay in the UAE.
  • Have a return flight ticket within 30 days before the visa expiration date
  • Proof of accommodation in the UAE during the period of stay
  • Submit your certificates and professional qualifications
  • Must have a clean criminal history
  • Submit a copy of your business registration and license (if applicable)
  • Proof of valid health insurance during the period of stay in the UAE

Business Visa in Dubai UAE: Types

In the UAE, there are several types of visas for which individuals and investors can apply. In addition, to the UAE business visa, there is also the Golden Visa, with particular requirements, the freelance visa, and even the spouse visa

Since there are several types of visas in the UAE, it is important to understand the differences between them. So, this way, you will know which one adapts to your needs, and also, for which one you meet the eligibility criteria. 

The following are the type of business visas in the UAE, broadly:

  • Visit visas: single and multi-entry
  • Residence visas: sponsored and self-sponsored

Visit Visas  

Visit visas for business matters are those that allow individuals to make a short trip to the UAE. Thus, with this document, they can attend business conferences and meetings, carry out short-term business trips, and explore investment opportunities. 

These visas are issued in two types: single-entry and multi-entry. 


A single-entry business visa in UAE is, as its name implies, a document that allows the holder to enter the Emirates just a single time. Thus, the holder can plan his trip to the UAE, enter, and then leave. 

If they want to return to the UAE, they have to apply for another type of visa. For this reason, if you want to enter and leave the Emirates several times, it is better to apply for a multi-entry visa. 

Some of the purposes for which this visa is used are the following:

  • Carry out market research in Dubai or any other Emirate
  • Evaluate the possibilities of setting up and running your business in the UAE
  • Since it is a self-sponsored visa, you can apply for it whenever you decide to travel. Therefore, it is a great opportunity for expanding your business. 

These single-entry visas have varied validity since they are valid for 60, 90, and 120 days. The following are the business visa UAE requirements:

  • Being financially solvent, or holding a talent or a high qualification
  • Being a professional with a successful business in his home country
  • Meet the financial guarantee established.

To apply for this visa, you just have to enter the ICP website and follow the next steps on how to get UAE business visa:

  • Fill in the information required
  • Attach the documentation
  • Pay the visa fees
  • Pay the service fees
  • Receive the service by email

Lastly, in terms of costs, the following is roughly the business visa in UAE price based on their duration:

  • Security deposit: AED 1000
  • 60-day visa: AED 500-600
  • 90-day visa: AED 600-700
  • 120-day visa: AED 800-900


A multi-entry business visa UAE allows the holder to enter and exit the Emirates as they desire. Unlike a single entry, which allows the person to enter just once, the holder can go back to their country and return to the UAE without applying for another visa. 

Moreover, with this visa, the holder can enter the UAE and stay for up to 90 days, and extend the stay for 90 more days, to carry out their business research or attend conferences and meetings. 

The application process for this type of visa is the following:

  • Login to the GDRFAD or ICP website
  • Fill out the application form
  • Attach the required documentation: personal photo, passport copy, bank statement, health insurance, and round-trip ticket.
  • Pay the fees
  • Submit the application and wait for approval

Residence Visas  

When a business owner or investor wants to carry out ongoing operations in the UAE, instead of applying for a visit visa, they should apply for a UAE Residence Visa

Investors who run a business in the UAE can apply for this type of visa. Thus, this visa can be valid for 2, 5, or more years, depending on the one chosen. 

The following are the two types of residence visas for doing business in the UAE:

  • Sponsored: you need a local sponsor to continue with the application
  • Self-sponsored: no need for a local sponsor.


A sponsored business visa allows you to run your company while residing in the UAE. Nonetheless, you need a local sponsor. 

Once you incorporate your company and get your establishment card, you can continue with the visa process using your documentation as proof of residency. 

These visas are valid for 3 years, and the business visa in UAE price can be as low as AED 10,000.


If you want to know how to get business visa for UAE easily, then you need to look for a self-sponsored visa. There are several types and you have to choose the one where you meet the eligibility criteria. The most common ones are the following:

  • Green visa for investors: you can participate in commercial activities and live in the UAE for up to 2 years with this visa. You just approval of the ICP, proof of investment, and approval of local authorities.
  • Golden Visa: This is a long-term residence visa that allows you to stay for 5 to 10 years in the UAE. As a business owner, you must have an investment of at least AED 2 million.

Lastly, once an individual obtains a residence visa, they can apply for a Family Visa UAE so they can enjoy living in the Emirates with their loved ones. 

How to Get a Business Visa for Dubai, UAE

In case you meet all the eligibility criteria, and you have gathered all the documentation, the next step will be the application for the UAE business visa.

Given that there are many types of visas, and that you must choose an Emirate when applying, the process will slightly vary depending on your choices. 

For example, if you are planning to apply for a business visit visa in Dubai, then you need to submit your application at the GDRFAD and carry out the process through its website. 

On the other hand, if you apply for a multi-entry visa in any other Emirate, then you have to carry out the process through the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security website. 

Nonetheless, although the process may vary, the overall steps are the same. The following is what you need to do to obtain your business visa UAE, regardless of the type or Emirate:

  1. Complete the application form: Either online or through a UAE Consulate. Provide all the information requested, along with your documentation.
  2. Pay the fees: Once you have received approval, the next step is to pay the UAE business visa cost. You can do it directly online or through the UAE Consulate. 
  3. Get your visa: wait for the processing time, which can take up to 14 days. After that, you can get your visa and start your business journey in the UAE. 

Dubai UAE Business Visa: Required Documents

The documentation required will vary depending on the specific document you are applying for. Nonetheless, the general documents you need to apply for a UAE business visa are the following:

  • Application form duly filled
  • Passport copy (with a validity of no less than 6 months)
  • 2 passport-style photographs (white background)
  • If the visa is sponsored, an Invitation letter issued by the UAE sponsor
  • If you are already living in the UAE, and you want to apply for a business visa, consequently you need to submit a copy of your residence permit. 

Business Visa in Dubai UAE: Cost & Application

In terms of costs, it will also vary based on several aspects, such as its validity and type. The application process to obtain your UAE business visa is the following:

  • Completing the visa application form
  • Paying the fees
  • Issuance of visa

Completing the Visa Application Form

First of all, you need to look for the form that corresponds to the UAE business visa you want to get. You can either go to a UAE Consulate or enter the GDRFAD or ICP website to download it. 

The following recommendations on how to get business visa for UAE will help you fill out your application form successfully:

  • Read carefully every item before writing
  • After filling it out, read it completely to make sure you have not made any errors
  • If you have any doubts, it is best to look for a service provider like Royal Visa so you can ensure your application is correct.

Pay the Dubai Business Visa Fees 

After you have submitted your application, you have to wait for approval. If you get approved, then you have to pay the UAE business visa cost. Keep in mind that a single-entry visa valid for 2 months will be cheaper than a multi-entry visa valid for 5 years. 

This is because the fee is generally costlier for visas that are valid for more years. Regardless, after your visa application gets approved, you should pay the fee so they can issue your visa. 

Get Your Dubai Business Visa 

After you have complied with the business visa UAE requirements, which are the application form duly filled, documentation, and fees paid, you can now wait for its issuance. 

Although the process is typically fast, you may have to wait up to 14 days, but no longer than that. In this case, you can get your visa and start planning your trip to the UAE. 

With your business visa in UAE, you can get access to thousands of opportunities in one of the most popular business locations in the Middle East. 

Thus, in case you want to get assistance with how to fill out your application, Royal Visa can help you by making the process smoother. This way, you will not have to worry about anything. 

Business Visa in Dubai UAE Cost?

Since there are several types of business visas, you may want to consider which one adapts better to your budget. Thus, the following are the average costs for a UAE business visa depending on its type:

  • Golden Visa: since it is one of the most sought-after visas, its cost may range from AED 2,800 up to AED 4,000.
  • Long-term business visa: its cost ranges from AED 10,000 to AED 15,000.
  • Short-term visit business visa: ranges from AED 300 to AED 900.
  • Freelance visa: it ranges from AED 7,500 to AED 20,000.

Royal Visa Offers Reliable and Trusted Services For Business Visas

Knowing everything about the UAE business visa, as well as its requirements and cost can help you prepare your plan for residing in the UAE. If you want to get closer to living your best life in Dubai, contact us to let us be the bridge to an extraordinary life in the Emirates.

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