Living and Working in the UAE: Your Guide to Employment Visa

Living and Working in the UAE

Do you need to hire and relocate the workforce to the UAE for business? You can find various employment visa options to hire the workforce around the globe and relocate them to the UAE. You need to sponsor your employees to acquire employment visas in the UAE.

We share all the relevant information regarding the UAE employment visa process step-by-step in this guide. Take a look at employment visa types and their requirement to choose the one for your employees.

Employment Visa Rules in the UAE

An employment visa allows you to relocate your employees and workers in the UAE. They can work and stay legally with certain conditions in the state. They need to fulfil some requirements and comply with the employment visa rules and laws of the Emirates.

They must provide all the relevant personal information, such as age, gender, educational documents, passport copies, photographs, medical assessment reports, health insurance, and other documents.


  • The employer needs to acquire a license to operate a business in the UAE to hire employees and sponsor them for work visas.
  • The employer must have a valid business license and not hold any previous record for violation of law and regulations in the Emirates.
  • The employer must offer a position aligned with the business operations and activities.

The employer applies to obtain an entry permit from the labor ministry of the UAE government on the employee’s behalf.

Employment Visa Process

The employer confirmed the offer and handled the visa application steps. The employer applies for the entry permit, submits documents, and provides medical tests and health insurance for the employee.

The Employee will receive the permit and enter the UAE region to proceed with the residence visa application process. Then, the employee will submit all the contract details and Emirates ID.

Employment visa UAE processing time has been reduced from thirty to five days. You can contact regulated authorities for further updates and relevant information.

How to Apply for a Dubai Employment Visa Online

Among the different types of visas Dubai offer, employment and tourist visa is still the leading ones on the chart. Dubai has developed user-friendly portals which can be accessed from anywhere. How does Dubai work visa online apply on web portals? You will find online web portals to apply for a Dubai employment visa directly. It is a quick and smooth procedure for flexibility. The process requires collaboration between the employee and the employer. Let’s explore a few points for the application process and the UAE employment visa requirements;


  • The employer can apply for an entry permit on behalf of the employee to the human resource ministry of the UAE.  The application can be submitted online through web portals.
  • The employer will submit all the educational documents, certifications, passport copies, employment contracts, and other relevant documents. The contract clearly defines the employee’s position, salary, benefits, and other details.
  • Employee;
  • The employee can go for the medical assessment at an approved medical facility after receiving approval for the entry permit.
  • The employee must obtain health insurance to meet the UAE authority’s requirements. They can seek assistance from their employer, or it can be included in the employee benefits salary package.
  • The employee must obtain a registered Emirates ID after arrival in the UAE with an entry permit.

Residence Visa for Employee;

  • The employer can proceed with an employee residence visa with an entry permit, medical assessment, health insurance, and Emirates ID on the web portals of the Ministry of Human Resources UAE.
  • They must submit additional documents, such as evidence of accommodation, educational certifications, and other documents according to the visa category.
  • The employer pays the visa processing fees for the application.

The visa processing time may vary according to the terms of employment. Visit the web portals of regulated authorities to stay updated with regular changes in visa policies and terms and conditions from the UAE government. These are the requirements and essential points to consider to going through the residence visa application process for employees in the UAE.

Employment Visa in the UAE

The employer sponsors the employment visa in the UAE to allow the employee to stay and work in the Emirates, usually for two or three years. The employment visa requirements are medical test reports, employment contracts, Emirates ID, and health insurance.

What to Expect When Applying for a UAE Employment Visa

The employee can collaborate with the employer to initiate the application process and handle the documentation and legal process to avoid visa rejection from the UAE administration. This process might be undergone for a few weeks or earlier, accordingly.

The Role of Your UAE Employer in Visa Processing

The role of the employer in UAE employment visa processing is the key factor. They handle all the application processes from the initiation, acquiring entry and work permits, and handling regulated authorities’ requirements accordingly. The employee will provide all the relevant documents and medical assessments, but the employer will handle all the processes for entry, work, and residence visas in the UAE.

Track Your UAE Employment Visa Application Status

Are you stuck waiting for the UAE employment visa updates? When you receive your employment visa application number, you can track the information online on the web portals of the UAE federal authority website. You can access the information by entering your application ID and check visa status or contacting your service provider or employer for further details.

What You Need for a UAE Employment Visa

You need all the educational documents, passport copies, photographs, medical assessment, health insurance, employment contract, entry permit, and Emirates ID.

Can You Change Jobs with an Employment Visa;

The employee needs to submit an employment transfer application to switch jobs within the UAE. The employee must acquire NOC from the previous employer and an offer letter from the new employer that initiates the job transfer. It can expect some delays and downtime.

What to Expect with a UAE Employment Visa?

The UAE employment visa grants a residency permit to stay and work in the Emirates. the employee can expect for;

Visas  you can apply for in the UAE

The UAE government offers various visas for tourism and travel, visit visas, employment visas, and business visas, like golden visas, green visas, and freelancer visas. You can choose the visa category according to the purpose of the visit, duration, and requirements.

What to Expect with a UAE Employment Visa?

The employee can expect medical assessment, Emirates registration, and other document submission to the relevant authorities. The employer sponsors the employee in acquiring the employment and residency visa and will submit the required documents to the authorities of the UAE government.

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