UAE Visa Rejection Reasons: Points to Stay Aware Of in 2024

UAE visa rejection

One of the biggest fears among travelers and immigrants is UAE visa rejection. The concept of a small mistake destroying the bridge between you and your goals in the United Arab Emirates is a fear worth keeping you awake at night.

In this article, we will be noting the UAE visa rejection points you must be aware of in 2024. Grab your notebook and prepare your documents for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Reasons for Rejection of Visa Application Dubai, UAE

You might face UAE visa rejection for multiple reasons, we list a few to be aware of this 2024:

  • Handwritten Passports: Currently, these are encountering difficulties worldwide. This is not only when applying for a UAE visit visa or residency visa.
  • Information Mistake: Be careful while filling out your application, mistakes in the spelling, passport code, or others can cause your visa to be rejected. Your visa might also get rejected if the scan of your passport is blurry.
  • Overstaying: If you overstayed your visit to the UAE in the past, it will cause a rejection of your visa. It could also result in more serious consequences; such as fines or being blacklisted.
  • Criminal Record: Your chances of UAE visa rejection are high if you have criminal records. This especially If You have a case against You for misconduct in the UAE.
  • Listed Profession: By the professional levels of the UAE, professions deemed as “unskilled” have higher chances of UAE visa rejection. This requirement often leads to the rejection of visas for farmers and laborers.
  • Active Visa: Until you cancel your previous visa, your new application will be rejected. Make sure you cancel any active visa you could have.
  • Resident Visa Active: You could face UAE visa rejection if you had a residency visa but left without canceling.

How do I Reapply with a New Application After my Dubai, UAE Visa is Rejected?

Facing UAE visa rejection might feel crushing, however, it does not mean the end of your travel. To be able to decide what to do next, is important to review the cause of your rejection carefully. As well as your options like checking a visit visa renewal UAE or residence UAE visa renewal.

Here, we let you some tips to decide what to do next if you are faced with UAE visa rejection:

  • Check the reason for your rejection: This is the first step before taking any decision. You can contact the UEA via call or e-mail or ask your sponsor or travel agency to help you out.
  • Strengthen your application: Reapply after rectifying the reason for your rejection, and submit it again taking into consideration your mistakes. 
  • Respect the waiting time between applications: Determine how long to wait after rejection. Verify this period for your specific visa type, as it may vary between visit visas and residency visas.
  • Check for alternatives: Additionally, you could have alternatives like applying for a Dubai visa renewal in either a visit visa renewal UAE or any other visas you might have active. If this is your case check your visa renewal fee and the whole process that you might need to go through.

Step-by-step Process to Reapply for a Visa after UAE Visa Rejection in 2024.

We provide you with a helpful guide to follow after your visa has been rejected.

  • If You can do a visa renewal You Will need to check for fees and the process of it. 
  • Searching on Google “visit visa renewal UAE price”, “UAE residence visa renewal fees” or “visa renewal Dubai” might be helpful but You must verify the fees and process from an official, trustworthy, and updated source always.

If you are unable to take that alternative you can follow the steps stated below: 

  1. Find out the reason for your rejection. 
  2. Make sure to address every issue in your application that might have caused the rejection. 
  3. Contact support if possible, this will help you to clear any doubts You could have and give one more look to your application. 
  4. Wait for the period recommended between applications according to your visa.
  5. Submit your new and corrected application once again making sure you addressed all the possible issues you had.

We highly recommend that you contact your embassy if you believe that your application is being rejected due to factors you do not know how to fix.

How Royal Visa Services Can Assist You After Your UAE Visa Rejected.

Our Focus is to avoid the UAE visa rejection of our clients in the first place. We offer you a tailored service up to your needs and 24/7 support.

We still can help You after UAE visa rejections, frequently reasons for rejection of visas are mistakes easy to handle. Here we leave You ways in which we can work to make sure your visa gets approved at last:

  • Our experience offers you a helpful guide to lean on when confronting confusing situations such as UAE visa rejection.
  • We facilitate your process of figuring out and fixing your application to be resubmitted again, thanks to our worldwide networks.
  • We offer support by contacting the organizations to answer all of your questions you need to submit your application one more time.
  • Receive advice through your process such as if You qualify for alternatives like visa renewal. We provide information about visa renewal fees, Dubai visa renewal requirements, visit visa renewal UAE price and UAE residence visa renewal fees.
  • You can trust your application in good hands with a success rate of 99.99%, and a process completely personalized.


There are very common mistakes that will cause the rejection of your visa, active visas, spelling mistakes, and scanning errors are things to be careful with to ensure a smooth process to get your visa. If your visa does get rejected do not panic Even if it’s inconvenient, you are still able to reapply by correcting your past mistakes. 

Finding the cause of your rejection is vital to be able to submit a successful second application; you can always contact your embassy, sponsor, or agency for support and advice. Even when UAE visa rejection is a legitimate source of anxiety taking some preventive measures, researching, and having proper guidance will save you a good amount of stress.Do you want to learn more about how to go through the process for getting your United Arab Emirates visa? You check our insights section to learn more!

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